Weekly Wrap-Up - Where Did This Week Go?

I don't honestly know where the week went. We had a GOOD week here.... today we took it a bit easy because I had a friend visit this morning and I was fighting a huge headache. Other than that, however, we spent 8-2 each day doing school. I was proud.

My son's Five In A Row selection this week was The Story About Ping. You can read about our row here. We went to the library and got all kinds of books about ducks and China. My daughter who is nine will also be tagging along on this adventure. I love this about Five in a Row. It is fitting for so many ages.

My daughter's big endeavors this week surrounded our current read-aloud, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. She is working on a notebook to go along with our reading, and we are enjoying mapping Nathaniel Bowditch's voyages on the high seas. I never knew about him, and it has been so much fun to learn.

In science we have been studying the human body. We read the Magic School Bus book about the human body and also watched the video. The kids have LOVED a CD Rom we have by DK Interactive Software: My Amazing Human Body.

The animated character Seymour Skeleton has been a HUGE hit in our house and the kids have spent lots of time at the computer learning with him.

I also feel like we have refined our daily routine. Miss B is doing well with a morning ritual of piano practice, Daily Grams, Bible Study, math lesson, history, Sequential Spelling, and reading. I also added in some dictation/copywork which we are adding to her big notebook.

GMan loves his math and Five in a Row, and also is making his way through the Kindergarten Handwriting Without Tears. He loves to read and is pretty much always reading a book about baseball.

To end the week we had a candy store this afternoon. I am going to try to get in a post about it tomorrow because it was a HIT. We set up an actual candy store with price tags, real money, etc... and the kids "shopped", each of them taking turns as the cashier (which involved courtesy, making change, etc...). It was very fun, but a lot of candy consumption was involved and I did have some hyper kids.

Two highlights for me this week were having lunch with a good friend at a lovely tea room one day this week. My father-in-law took the kids to lunch on this day and they had a great time. I also had a two hour visit with a mentor homeschooling mom today - I am blessed to call her my friend.

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