Top Ten Tuesday - Resources on the Web

I read Kris' post top ten post today (over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers) and thought I would join her. Recently I've been so thankful for the many websites/blogs I come across that have helped me with planning in our homeschool. So - here goes - my top ten Web resources for planning in our homeschool:

1. An Old Fashioned Education - lots of free curriculum, ideas, etc... I gather lots from here to use with my six year old.

2. The Master Planner - tons of record keeping forms! I love their checklists, especially for my kids. You can download to your computer, or order a CD.

3. The Chronicle of the Earth - an AWESOME site if you are using Story of the World!

4. Satori Smiles - another great SOTW resource (exclusively for Volume 1 right now)

5. Classics for Kids - you can give your children a rich classical music experience just from this site

6. Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System - this has been the MOST valuable thing we put into play this year in our homeschool. I can't say enough about the scripture memory box!

7. - great place for handwriting practice, and many other things as well

8. DOGO News for Kids - current events for kids galore! We read it on the iPad daily.

9. Kids National Geographic - holy cow! I could get lost on here for hours, and so could my

10. Project Gutenberg - a myriad of free downloads for iPad, Kindle - or just read online.

What's your favorite internet resource in your homeschool? I would LOVE to know! And, check out others top ten posts at Oh Amanda.

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