Some Quiet Time for Mom

It's just me and the dog now. Everyone has gone trick or treating.

This is my sweet doggie, Gizmo - he gets pretty geared up on Halloween trying to keep track of all the visitors to the front door.

The pumpkin was carved earlier in the week - nothing elaborate, but he'll do. Dad handles this with the kids each year.

I love it that he takes them trick or treating each year. It's gotten to be a tradition. That's ok with me... I'm fine to stay home and clean up from dinner and enjoy some quiet (in between trick or treaters).

Another tradition we have is to make Mummy Dogs for dinner. Granddaddy comes over for supper to see the kids all dressed up and enjoy a gourmet meal. Well, I guess the meal isn't really gourmet, is it?

I was so lucky to win dessert at a cakewalk earlier today! Thank you Publix supermarkets for being so Halloween friendly. They had lots of festivities for the kids this year.

The kids got to go through a haunted house and play lots of games.

I just love the wonder on their faces this time of year.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because they get to use their imagination and see tons of friends.

Happy Halloween from my 70s girl and Darth Vadar!

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