Girls and Reading - Recommendations and Advice

This is my sweet daughter - she is 10, loves to read, and has a heart that is so big.  She is compassionate, caring, and very sensitive.   Oh, and did I mention she LOVES horses?

If there's one thing I KNOW my husband I did right, it is instill a love of reading in our children!  We read to them from birth on, and reading is an integral part of our day.   I don't feel qualified to give advice about much, but reading is an area I feel I know a bit about.     

I've had a few people ask me recently what she likes to read, and how do I get her to read so much.  
Great Girl Books for an "almost 'tween"

The Faithgirlz Series - specifically any of the books about Sophie - these are wonderful, Christian books that Miss B can't get enough of.  She downloads them to her Kindle.  One was free and a few more have just been $3.99.  She reads them over and over.  

Detectives in Togas - great history mysteries which were recommended in The Story of The World Activity Guide.   There are several of these books.

Keystone Stables Series - Miss B has read A Horse to Love and enjoyed it very much.  This fuels her love of horses.  They seem to be quick, enjoyable reads.  

The American Girl Books - she has read almost every character book, but recently discovered the larger books about each girl's world.  She gets our librarian to reserve them in other branches and has read quite a few.  I love it, because she is learning so much about history!  

Dolphin Diaries - this is also a series and allows your daughter to be transported into another world - where a young girl is sailing around the world researching dolphins - how great is that?

How To Get Your Daughter to Read

* Keep good reading material around your house - a bookshelf in their room, in the family room, or wherever you spend most of your time.  I also leave good books just "laying around" to get discovered!

*Make reading fun - we bought my daughter a Kindle for her 10th birthday - best investment ever!   She loves reading electronically and feels a kinship with her dad and I (because we do the same) She also has a book basket by her bed and lots of cute bookmarks.

*Make the library your friend - we know our librarians by name and they know my daughter's interests

*Choose friends who read - I have several friends whose daughters also love to read.  Miss B borrows books from them and even emails about the books she has read.  I love it!

*Model reading - we read All.The.Time!   We spend much more time reading than we do watching television, that's for sure.  

Care to share any tips with me?  How about some books my daughter might like to add to her reading list?