I'm a Failure!

I am intimidated by this week's topic.

Jess and Theresa are such healthy eaters.  Me?  Not so much.  I struggle with this.  

We are not major fast food eaters (I think McDonald's and the like are disgusting), but I do admit that my kids eat processed foods more than they should.  I have one child who will always choose the healthy option, and the other who would rather starve than eat a fruit.    

I try to cook healthy meals (and I think I succeed - for the most part), but I'm just not super motivated to go 100% healthy.  PLEASE TELL ME I AM NOT ALONE.  Sometimes I see so many bloggers who write about being healthy and I feel like a total failure.  I don't bake my own bread and I don't get my produce from an organic farm. I'm just keeping it real in this post.  

I love chocolate, cookie dough, yummy Thanksgiving casseroles, and pretty much anything.   I love to bake for the holidays.  I am hopelessly addicted to Coke Zero.  I tried to give it up, but with the holidays approaching I decided I may as well just give it up for New Year's.  

Can you see why writing about maintaining healthy eating habits during the holidays is hard for me??   This post is for those of you who struggle a bit (like me).    I'm using a few strategies to keep us on the healthy eating path during the holiday season.

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