One Last Hurrah in 2011

I am thankful for these last few days of 2011...a time to reflect, relax, and regroup. 

We are spending time with family in the mountains of North Carolina.  There is nothing like fresh air, beautiful scenery, and not much to do!

Today we ventured to Carl Sandburg's home in Flat Rock, NC.  The kids earned their Junior Ranger badge and we ALL learned so much.  First order of business for the new year is further study of Sandburg and writing some of our own poetry. 

Sandburg wrote Rootabaga Stories for children, which I found as a free download via Project Gutenburg, so I anticipate Sandburg being our read aloud selection next week.


I am trying out a new app, Blogsy, for iPad. Writing this post on the iPad is cool - but I have not mastered adding my own photos or links....YET.

How are you spending these last days of 2011?