A Lesson in Life and Money for Children

One of the Tommy Mommy review selections for this month is a sweet little book, Three Cups.  Written by Tony Townsley and Mark St. Germain, this storybook tells of a father giving his son three cups for his fifth birthday:   GIVE, SAVE and SPEND.   The book opens,

On my fifth birthday, my parents gave me a wonderful present.  They promised it would take me on many adventures.

By the end of the book, as the boy has grown, the story shows how rewarding giving, saving, and spending can be.   It comes full circle when the boy grows up and gives his own son the three cups for his fifth birthday.

My husband read this book with our children - he works  in the nonprofit debt counseling arena and this subject is very dear to his heart.  He LOVED the book... the children were enamored with it's simple wording and muted illustrations. 

The book concludes with a Parent's Guide called Getting Started with Three Cups.  It gives 10 helpful suggestions to starting this program with your own child(ren).   

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If you want a concise, sweet book to teach your young children about giving, saving and spending, this is the book for you.    It is published by Tommy Nelson, and available through Amazon.

Disclaimer:I received the above named product from Tommy Nelson in return for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any other form.