Multitude Monday #591-600

I've reached 600 things to be grateful for.... and it gets easier each week to find things in everyday life for which I am thankful. Happy Valentine's Day!

591. TWO warm, sunshiny days where kids have played outside and everyone's mood has improved!

592. the baptism of a beautiful boy on Sunday

593. the connection and love between a very special pastor and my children

594. my son coming to me for no reason and giving me a kiss and saying "love ya mom!"

595. a nice, juicy steak

596. good time with my husband yesterday spent talking about science curriculum for the kids, and just sharing about their schooling in general

597. Oreos (I just LOVE them!)

598. a Valentine's Day I can spend with my children, making cutout cookies and just having a good time!

599. the memory of a Valentine's Day 16 years ago - the first time my husband (then boyfriend) ever sent me flowers

600. Sunday afternoon naps