Multitude Monday #571-590

It is a wonderful thing to end the weekend with your nine year old making dinner for the family.
Sunday was spent as it should be - going to church, Sunday School, then spending some good time with my family, knitting, lesson planning, and watching the Super Bowl.

I have MUCH to be grateful for today:

571. Smiley Bagel Pizzas, made with love for our family by Miss B

572. the bank teller, whose sense of humor and friendliness made my day

573. my Yamaha U1 series piano - it brings hours of endless joy to myself and others

574. a long phone conversation with my mother, after she had a long phone conversation with my daughter

575. a daddy-daughter event at Chick Fil-A - what a great company!

576. a dress purchased for $5 at a consignment store for my daughter - she loved it!

577. the special relationship my husband and daughter share - I have a feeling this bond will see her through whatever storms come her way.

578. our church, Word of God Lutheran, and the laughter we share on Sunday mornings

579. stepping out of my comfort zone - and not falling flat on my face!

580. online renewal of library books

581. sleeping children

582. my husband, who reads to the children in the evening

583. A friend who gave me some very wise advice yesterday

584. another child who showed my son compassion today

585. three children sitting behind me in church, singing like angels

586. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

587. the 10 minutes of sleep before the snooze goes off again!

588. the gift of music, and my sweet co-op class of Kindergarten and First Graders who make music with me each week

589. a sweet email from another homeschooling mom that made my day!

590. the start of a new week, and the opportunities we have to make it better than last week