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In my life this week: BUSY BUSY BUSY! Tomorrow is Federation, a national instrumental competition. I have six piano students participating, and my daughter is also competing. Students have to play two pieces from memory for a judge, then they receive critiques. It is a wonderful experience for them. I will work the event all day and there's a lot of nerves that go along with the day. I love the day, but I will be worn out tomorrow night! Sometimes it is a bit hard working a part time job and homeschooling, and this is one of those times. I keep in the back of my mind, however, that I love piano and I love my students - and the income I make provides a lot of extras for our family. And, it's just cool having music in the house all the time!

My little guy has been sick since Tuesday so we have been taking it easy for his sake. I don't know what I would do without my husband who is so flexible and generous. He adjusted his work schedule yesterday so my daughter and I could go to co-op and he could stay home with GMan.

In our homeschool this week: GMan almost has the poem, Mr. Nobody (from FLL) memorized. He illustrated it and sent his copywork to grandma - a big project for him. Miss B is working on Adverbs in Easy Grammar. She also finished an Amelia Earhart biography this week. Math, History, Spelling, and all other subjects went on as usual. The kids begged me (like they usually do!) to read extra chapters in The Story of the World. I think the kids' favorite thing this week was working on our Sunny Seashells Download 'n Go unit study using the seashells we found at the beach two weeks ago.

Today I'm declaring it a SNOW DAY! There is no snow on the ground, but back in January when all of the school kids were out for five days due to the ice we kept on schooling. Therefore, today is our snow day. Ahhhh..........

Places we're going and people we're seeing: Monday we went to The Fabulous Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta to see Seussical the Musical. We rode with friends of ours, so all of the kids had a great time to and from, and the moms got a chance to talk! The show was very good - we downloaded the Broadway recording of the musical when we got home and have been listening this week.

image courtesy Theaterworks, USA

My favorite thing this week: This has to be clothes shopping with my almost ten year old yesterday. We had a chance to spend some time alone since daddy was home with GMan. She is getting to be such a young lady and has particular ideas about things. We stuck to our budget and had fun trying on outfits. The "tween" is quite an interesting species, I must say - so I'm gearing up for the years to come!

What's working/not working for us: This week I tried to put history on two days and science on two days. When we try to get to everything in one day it never works! Yesterday was most successful, and we just focused on math, grammar, Bible and geography --- my children's attention spans are longer as they get older and I think scheduling like this will work.

Homeschool Questions/Thoughts I Have: I don't really have any questions this week.... I'm just so happy to be able to bounce a lot of questions and ideas off of the awesome group of moms at our co-op. Yesterday we talked about keeping the house clean and navigating the tween years. I'm so thankful to be part of this community!

A photo to share: One night when GMan wasn't feeling well I gave him a box of foam beads I had gotten at Wal-Mart for $1, some purple thread, and a big needle. He spent a long time stringing beads and made all of us bracelets. He's not usually my crafty guy, so I was glad to see him doing this. I just love a good bargain!

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