Multitude Monday #631-650

I really don't know where the weekend went. We were so busy with a piano competition, visiting an old friend, and having new friends to our home. I didn't get any schoolwork planned. I didn't get 100% caught up on the laundry. I didn't get to finish that book I'm reading. Funny thing is, however, it was a great weekend. Sometimes God changes your whole schedule to make your realize what your priorities SHOULD be. I'm so thankful, and I'm so thankful to be able to blog each Monday about gratitude. The list continues - #631-650:

631. time changes -- yes, I AM thankful for that... gave my children more time to play in the backyard tonight with new friends

632. leftover birthday cake

633. the book of Proverbs - so much wisdom in one place

634. ANTYHING made by Burt's Bees!

635. an evening spent with new potential neighbors - praying all goes well with their final closing

636. an afternoon spent with a former teacher of my daughter... getting the chance to thank this wonderful woman for the superb foundation she gave my child

637. a newly created space in my bedroom for reading and devotions

638. again - THE TIME CHANGE - my children will sleep a little later this week!

639. a sweet friend and a good conversation on our drive today

640. watermelon bubble gum

641. jump ropes

642. my son's co-op math class teacher, who was sweet enough to send home his fun candy graphing when he was sick

643. my music and movement co-op class students - they give me SO MUCH joy each week; the sweet singing voices and their love of music makes me so happy

644. My six year old son telling his dad that God is his passion

645. lots of hand me downs for both children

646. my ability to hand down clothes to families in need

647. fancy bookmarks

648. stacks and stacks of books all over my house - while the clutter is driving me crazy, I know it's because we are LEARNING!

649. too many "God things" for me to count this past week!

650. a sweet note of encouragement sent to me by a veteran homeschooling mom