Gratitude, Including a Mini Music Lesson

It's Monday, and time to count more blessings. I love this part of my week.

651. red bud trees, and the beautiful ones in my yard that are starting to bloom.

652. a fabulous concert on Saturday evening - this video is of my favorite piece played, "Jet Whistle" by Villa-Lobos (great to teach kids about flute and cello: also, can they hear how the two instruments are creating sounds a train would make - so cool!)

653. two and half hours to sit and listen to beautiful chamber music

654. saving $50 on my grocery bill yesterday!

655. late night apple crisp at Red Robin with my husband

656. my son, quoting Bible verses without being prompted

657. two children - giggling too much to do their schoolwork - I am thankful they get along so well (most days!).

658. digital thermometers, and thankful it was normal this morning for Miss B

659. goodies brought to us from the new Fresh Market by granddaddy

660. my college education here... I am thankful daily for the sacrifices my parents made so I could have an education free and clear - what a gift.

661. imaginary baseball games played by my six year old countless times each day - today he couldn't come eat lunch right away because he was "in the bottom of the eighth with the bases loaded!" I love his imagination.

662. a walk with my children this morning, with my daughter asking me how to plan out her book she is writing

663. a definite closing date for the homeschool family moving in next door to us

664. Burt's Bees.... anything!

665. bird feeders

666. lucky numbers?!?!

667. duct tape

668. steam carpet cleaners, and husbands who love to use them

669. Southern Living magazine - I love it when a new issues comes in the mail

670. an encouraging phone call from my husband "just because"