Multitude Monday #671-700

I'm getting closer to reaching my goal of 1,000 gifts counted. I'm grateful for the opportunity. These posts are for ME. I realize very few people read them. I just like to count my many blessings each week. Today's list has a few bigger THINGS I'm thankful for... they make our lives easier and sometimes I think we just take them for granted. We try to be smart about the money God has entrusted us with, so maybe you'll see these things and consider them for yourself, too.

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671. a week of spring break, then 28 more days of homeschool and we have officially completed year #2!

672. a busy weekend, and so many opportunities for my children to have fun and feel loved

673. two service opportunities literally falling into my email box, after I blogged about wanting to know how we could do MORE to help those in need

674. the bond my husband and son share - every boy needs his dad, and my husband is always there for his son - what a lucky little boy GMan is!

675. baseball!

676. ten very excited little boys wearing eye black and smacking wads of chewing gum in their mouths, reading for opening day

677. a very fun Sunday School class yesterday - even though my daughter's class beat the parents in Bible trivia - we all had a lot of fun and learned so much!

678. little boys that go so hard all day they literally fall asleep right where they are

(once again - - I love Instagram - - the best photo app ever!)

679. crispy maple bacon

680. my breadmaker, a gift from my father-in-law - we had yummy white bread yesterday and are making banana bread today!

681. big coffee mugs filled to the top with Mahogany coffee, made in the Keurig

682. a special friend who sits behind me at church

683. the laughter our church family shares each week as the children (and adults) interact with Dexter the puppet during the children's sermon

684. the people who have touched our lives, but now will be moving due to military base closures in our area - a dear friend and a piano teacher will be leaving us

685. fuel efficient cars - we LOVE our Honda Fit... such a great purchase by my husband a few years ago when they first came out - little did we know how much money it would save us!