WHO are you thankful for?

I wonder how many times we really TELL people we are thankful for them, or do we assume they know? I'm making it my personal goal this week to thank the people in my life who make a difference - won't you do the same?

These are the people I am thankful for this week:

721. my children's Sunday School teachers - while reading "Jotham's Journey" last night I was amazed at the Biblical knowledge my children have, thanks in no small part to their training at our church.

722. a sweet man who runs in our neighborhood each day, picking up all the trash along the way - he stops to talk with my son about baseball, and little did we know his father was the pitcher who broke Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak - how COOL is that?

723. my massage therapist -- she really helped me Saturday!

724. my friend, Hope - she has a kind, gentle, and patient spirit with her children that I admire so much

725. our next door neighbor - a ten year old boy is who is so kind to my little boy!

726. my husband - I'm always grateful for him, but I have used those very words with him recently, and does he REALLY know how much our family loves him?

727. our mail carrier - he leaves packages inside the garage and then neatly arranges the mail on the steps at the garage door so I will see it - he doesn't have to go above and beyond, but he does.

728. the man who bags our groceries at Publix - he always makes a special point to speak with my children and is so kind to them

729. my friend, Stacey - whenever I see her I laugh and we have a good time... we are both busy moms and have so much in common

730. Jesus -- wow, where do I even begin? After hearing a sermon on the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead it made me think about him in a different light. I wonder if I ever stop in the middle of day and just thank him for EVERYTHING.