What's for Dinner? Roast Chicken with Wine & Carrot Souffle


I have a father-in-law who loves to provide me with kitchen gadgets and cookware... he is so sweet to bring me these things. Last week when my husband and I were sitting on his couch he told us to close our eyes and hold out our hands together - he put THIS in them:

What is it? - you might wonder. It is a wine chicken cooker, and it helps you make the BEST chicken you have ever tasted!! I looked up some recipes and decided to use this one from Wine Enthusiast. I didn't use expensive wine - I think it was just some Carlo Rossi in the jug... the cheap stuff my husband and I used to drink when we were first married.

It took about 10 minutes to prep the chicken, and an hour and half to bake it, but it turned out beautifully! If you like kitchen cookery and gadgets, I would recommend getting this - it would even make a great gift.

I chose not to put veggies around the chicken like suggested, because I had about 2 pounds of carrots that needed to be used, and my children LOVE carrot souffle, so I made that instead.

I couldn't find my trusted carrot souffle recipe, so I found one on Allrecipes, and it was EVEN BETTER than my old recipe. You can see it here. I made crescent rolls, and then served Jell-O Temptations dessert kit for dessert.... that dessert was a hit, and you can fix it in five minutes! My daughter and I put it in fancy pink crystal glasses, and my family thought I had fallen out of heaven!

Of course, the only thing I snapped a picture of was the chicken, because this was a labor intensive dinner, with fixing the chicken, peeling the carrots, using the mixer, etc... I totally forgot about my camera. The time was was well worth the effort, however, because the next day at church my sweet husband told some friends what a wonderful dinner I had fixed the night before. (I'll have to do that more often.)

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