Five Minute Friday - Distance

Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.

Todays topic is DISTANCE...

Distance probably would have made me think of the proximity to home (and my parents)a few years ago, but now that I've been married so long and have lived in the same home for six years, distance has a different meaning.

During the past couple of weeks distance is something I've been trying to put between myself and a few things that have been not so good for me... distance between myself and the computer, distance between myself and that tub of ice cream, distance between myself and the television.

What I've discovered recently is that I don't want there to be any distance between myself and those I love, so I'm choosing to spend more time on the things important to me - and less time writing for my blog (which is why this 5 Minute Challenge is perfect!), less time trying to climb the "online ladder" , and less time worrying about what others think. In the end, it only matters why HE thinks, anyway.

I want to write about content, technique, and things that work for us, so I can lessen the distance between myself and my children. I love to read informative posts about curriculum and instruction, and have pared down my blog reading accordingly. A blog post written each day (sometimes two and three even - yikes!) a day creates more distance. It may look good when I turn on the computer, but is it really eternal? I'm not so sure.

Just a five minute rambling today, with no editing - so if I made sense - great. If not, I'll try again next week! What did you think? Why don't you take the Five Minute Friday challenge?

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