My Latest Read -- A MUST READ!

For many years I've loved Steven Curtis Chapman's music.   I knew a few years ago his family endured the tragic death of his five year old daughter, and I remember seeing some interviews on television with Steven and his wife, Mary Beth.  I also remember being impressed with them and admiring their faith.

Last week my good friend Karen gave me the book his wife has written, entitled Choosing To See.   In it Mary Beth talks of her walk of faith from the time she was a young girl up until now.  She talks in great length about adopting three precious children from China.  She also takes her readers through the excruciating pain of losing her daughter.      I cannot begin to imagine a pain so horrible, but after reading her book I can begin to imagine a FAITH THAT  BIG!  

If you have some time as your school year has finished (or will be finishing), you might want to read this book.   You'll need a box of tissue with you throughout most of the book, but they are good tears.  It helped me (at a time when I really need perspective in my life) to focus on what is TRULY important, and cherish each moment with my children.  

More Steven Curtis Chapman music is now on my iPod.... including his song "See".     I hope you get a chance to read the book and listen to the song.  Both have had a profound impact on me recently.

Image courtesy Goodreads
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