The First Full Year With Two

I haven't stopped long enough to really say to myself, "You've done it! You've finished the first full year of homeschooling two children!" If you've been reading my blog for a while you remember my daughter came home last year (while my son was still in preschool), so I had some time to test the waters and get used to things.

Last year at this time, we were wrapping up the year and I was feeling pretty good about things. Here's a post from the archives: Getting The Hang of It, from this exact time last year.  

As I read that post I see how much I've learned (about homeschooling, my children, my faith, blogging) and it is so obvious to me that God placed all of these opportunities in my life to grow me from the inside out.    It's amazing when I stop to think about it all.   The past year has been me living Proverbs 3: 5-6, more than I ever have before.   How cool is that?  

We're on break for a few weeks.... on tap for the summer are twice a week swim lessons for GMan and a synchronized swimming team for Miss B.    We are also taking part in a FABULOUS music camp and helping with "Paul's Journeys" at our church.    Through it all we will school, do some unit studies and have lots of reading time.  

Are you finished with school?   Will you school throughout the summer, or will you take a break?  

*Image courtesy Tennessee Joy