It's a "Keeper"

ABCs of Homeschooling
It's "K" week at Five Kids and a Dog... it's been so much fun reading and writing posts for the ABCs of homeschooling.  If you haven't joined this fun meme, I encourage you to do so.  

So often when I stumble upon something that really WORKS for us I'll say to myself (or to the friend whom I'm sharing the resource with), "This is a KEEPER!".    I'd like to share a few our our "keepers" and I'd also like to learn from you what your "keepers" are as well!   

My laminator -- oh, how I love to laminate and for a not so expensive price you can buy your own laminator.   Be careful:  if you have children they may become addicted to laminating as well.  I've had to put a limit on it for my almost ten year old daughter.  I have to tell her that her dolls do NOT need all of their school materials laminated!!    (I got mine at Sam's club for $22.99 and I buy the pouches online through Amazon.)

The Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System -- I've done several posts about this.  Just read about it and you'll see why I like it so much.   Our whole family has committed so much scripture to memory this way!  

Poem Printables for First Language Lessons from Homeschool Creations -- we love First Language Lessons, and the printables (which I laminated) stayed on our bulletin board all year long.   They are such a great FREE resource!  

Books on CD -- we listen in the car to so many books.  I have not purchased a single one.  We get them all through our local library.   Check out some of our favorites on my booklist.  

A Pocketful of Pinecones -- my favorite book I read this year.  It has so many pieces of wisdom for a homeschooling mother.   

What are some of your "keepers"?