Making a Picture Study Wall

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand-Jatte
by Georges Seurat

One of my goals for the upcoming school year is to be more intentional about art... both studying famous works of art and making the effort to take my children to quality art classes.   To that end, I have been creating a little something this week I'd like to share.   Best thing... it only cost $7!

In the "FREE" pile at our co-op last year I found a stack of Impressionist paintings postcards.    I snagged them and finally got around to framing some of them this week.    Inspired by Melissa, at The Joys of Home Educating (if you are familiar with Melissa's blog, she loves to decorate using finds from The Dollar Store!), I went to our local Dollar Tree and found the PERFECT frames for the prints. 

There is a wall, just as you come in from the garage, that we pass a thousand times a day.   The wall was empty - until yesterday.   Now, it looks like this:

We have seven famous Impressionist paintings, which I'm making a point to talk about as we make our way through the hall each day.    

Do you recognize any of these?

Hopefully, after some time, my children will be able to recognize them, too.   Once they are familiar with these, I'd like to get other postcards from a different era and change the gallery.  

How do you study famous paintings/artists?   What are your plans and/or curriculum for art for the upcoming school year?