Dead Guys and Gals - More Interest Led Science

Not much "formal" science going on here this week, but my little guy has attached himself to a book we recently acquired (What a great thing it is to have a sister-in-law who is a science teacher and gives you great resources!).  It's amazing what will happen when you just leave cool books around the house!

The kids already love Beakman's World (it's on Netflix instant streaming, which is the best thing since sliced bread!), and this book gives a great overview of 14 dead guys and gals of science.  Each famous scientist layout includes a timeline of their life and a very engaging narrative of how each inventor made his or her discovery.   The entire book was devoured by GMan while waiting for his sister at swimming practice this past week!   

*You can watch free episodes of Beakman's World here!   

Both Miss B and GMan are asking to learn more about the scientists in the book, so this coming week they will each choose one and do a little further research.  I remember making cardboard dolls of famous scientists when I was in middle school - perhaps this would be fun for us to do as well.  

Even with all of my planning and lovely science curriculum in this house, it's a free book that will spark my children's imagination and curiosity ~ and that is when the REAL learning will take place!  

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