Read Aloud Thursday - How Do I Choose??

So many wonderful books, so little time!!   I've been so overwhelmed with books the past couple of weeks (in a good way).    I have a whole shelf of "want to reads" for this coming year.  Then, we go to the library and I come across a few more titles I "just have to add into the schedule"!   Does this happen to you, also?

This week we finished another book in the 26 Fairmount Avenue Series.  I will say it again and again:  My children love these books!    This book, Why: The War Years, got much more serious because it deals with the beginning of WWII and the death of one of Tomie dePaola's favorite cousins who was a soldier.   There is a lot of talk about air raid drills, black out curtains, rationing, and all the other things that went along with the war.  There still is, however, Tomie's ever light-hearted tone and humor.  In my opinion, this is a wonderful way to learn history... we have been talking with my husband's father about this time period and he can add so much to the children's learning.   

Yesterday we began a book we've wanted to read since last spring.   Shiloh, written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor,  was finally checked in at our local library and it's every bit as good as we heard it would be.  I just love how it is narrated by an 11 year old boy, Marty (I think we like these stories that are told by children!), and he has quite a conscience and love for an abused beagle, Shiloh.   It's tugging at our heart strings and we're only seven chapters into the book.   I know there are two other books in this series, too.   

The book takes place in rural West Virginia and some of the language gets a little rough (lots of "shut ups" and a few "damnits" and "hells"), but the bad language is also only used by the villain in the story... so in context it is obvious to my children that the language is known to be inappropriate (if that makes any sense!).   

That's Read-Aloud Thursday in a nutshell.  Visit Amy, at Hope is The Word, to submit your RAT post!