Homeschool - "What a Joke!"

My six year old has had a love affair with reading for the past two years!   He started reading quite early, and reading some unlikely materials.   I started giving him  leveled reader  at this age, and he would DEVOUR them.   I had kept them all organized in tubs by level from when my daughter had learned to read.

He has gone through the readers.    Now he loves Magic Treehouse books and anything related to baseball.  One thing that he has always loved to read are joke books!    If you're familiar with six year old jokes, they are interesting.    The book store ALWAYS has at least one joke book in the sale section.  Usually they are just $1.00.   I'm always happy to buy GMan joke books and he's getting quite a collection.

The latest joke book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:  The Whipple Scrumptious Joke Book.    It's so cute.  He reads it all the time - to everyone (it annoys his sister a bit) - and has nearly all of the jokes memorized.   

"What runs but never walks?    Mr. Wonka's chocolate waterfall!"

He's reading, laughing, and sharing.  He's developing his sense of humor and learning to understand things more deeply.   I call that a GOOD THING.  I'm secretly collecting joke books to sneak into our workboxes this year.   

What is your child's favorite thing to read??