The Beginning of an Obsession

We're SERIOUSLY into Legos in our house these days.   Oh, we've had Legos for years, but my daughter never seemed to like them all that much.  My son, on the other hand, loves them!    He likes to make everything "from scratch" (as he puts it).    The Legos are taking over his bedroom, they are under the cushions of the sofa.  Somehow Legos creation even wind up on my dresser -- because "mom, you really like them!".

I read this post a while ago - 10 Good Things About Legos - little did I know how Legos would be overtaking our life in such a short time!

I'm on a mission now to find lots of fun things to do with Legos!  Rather than go through all of them with you, why don't you visit my Pinterest page.  I've made a board called "Lego Activities".  Check it out!   

Another activity I found that we WILL be doing very soon is a Lego Lapbook from Walking by  The Way.   Scroll down her page of lapbooks until you find the Lego one (in the second grade category).  It is so well done and incorporates history, math, geography - you name it, she's covered it!   

We're lucky enough to have a Lego outlet store about an hour from our house.   As a Fun Friday activity we visited the store.   My children had never been there - needless to say there were a bit overwhelmed.    What's better than a Lego sarcophagus?!?! 

I had heard (via the Lego website) about Lego mini builds.  They are held the first Tuesday of each month at Lego stores.  Each month there is a different project children can build (with the assistance of employees at the store).   When I mentioned we lived far away and had missed the August mini build the cashier told me they still had some projects in the back left over.   She got a wonderful young man from the back; they set up a table and called all of the children in the store for a mini build!    It was a great exercise in listening and direction following.  

  My daughter excelled at building - it was great to see her getting involved with her brother.   When we got home they rushed to his room to build Legos.   

My great find of the day was this Lego calendar, which you need to rebuild each month!  I thought the price was right at $14.99 (considering it retails for $30 on Amazon!) 

Do you have some Lego activities to share with me?    Or, maybe a favorite website?    I'd love to know, because I'm a Lego newbie!!