One Little Thing Can Make All The Difference

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This week the letter is "S".   After the day I had on Monday, I just had to choose the word SMILE.   Sometimes, a simple smile can make life seem that much better.  Try it.  

Does one of your children get up on the wrong side of the bed, mad at the world?   How about a hug and a SMILE?    What if one of your precious cherubs is not acting so nicely?  Maybe a gentle reminder followed by a SMILE might help.   Does someone cut you off in traffic or beep at you because you are driving too slow?  Wave and SMILE.   How about the extremely rude person who walks quickly to get in front of you in line at the grocery store?  Let them ahead and SMILE.  

I've found that smiling can cure many of life's ills - or at least make them seem not so bad at the given moment.  And guess what?  When we smile, it's contagious.   The more you smile, the more others around you smile, and that's a good thing!  

The next time things just aren't going your way, SMILE.   You'll be amazed at the difference it will make in those around you, and the how much better it will make you feel, too! 

So, would you rather have THIS.....

or THIS?

(I couldn't resist throwing in two of my all time favorite pictures of my sweet girl!)

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