Wisdom for The Homeschooling Mom

It's been a few weeks since I have linked up with Dawn for her ABC's of Homeschooling series.  The letter this week is "W", and I immediately thought of the word WISDOM.  It seems that I've been seeking wisdom a lot recently.   If it helps anyone reading this at all, here is where I have been finding some:  

Other Homeschool Moms:  I have been blessed to be a part of a large Christian homeschool organization, and as a part of that participate in a co-op each Thursday.  Sometimes it doesn't have to be a long conversation with a more experienced homeschool mom that makes me feel better, it can simply be a hug, a pat on the back, or just a few kind words.   If you can get to know veteran homeschool moms they are one of the best sources of wisdom! 

Quality books/blogs: Here are a few of my favorite authors and sites from which to gain wisdom:

Sally Clarkson ~ any book she has written is wonderful!  I have just finished Seasons of a Mother's Heart and am currently reading The Mission of Motherhood.  I just get the sense that Sally cares for each of her readers.  Her books give me a lot of courage and conviction.  Sally's blog, I Take Joy, is also a site I visit regularly for inspiration.  Check out her blogroll, and then read the blog rolls of the people on her blog roll... it can lead you some wonderful new sites!  

I've been spending a lot of time reading a new favorite site ~ Sage Parnassus.  Especially if you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler you will appreciate this blog.  I love it because she just writes about good education and education that is gentle, child centered and very "quiet".  I feel peaceful after I've read this blog.  

Any book by Joanna Weaver has been a source of inspiration for me.  I have most recently finished Having a Mary Spirit and it was so moving and spoke right to my heart. 

The Bible:  It seems obvious that this should be the ultimate source of our wisdom, but I hate to admit that it isn't where I always turn first.  Some mornings I sit down at the computer first thing and get the latest Twitter wisdom, or I read my favorite blogs to check out what wisdom they have to offer.  Dont' get me wrong -- these things aren't bad in and of themselves, but going to THE BIBLE first is always better.  This morning I sat and read a wonderful book/Bible study by Rachael Carman ~ Soundbites from Heaven.  I cannot tell you the wisdom I gained and how much better my day was because of this investment in His word first thing in the morning.   

These are three of my trusted sources for wisdom.  As homeschooling moms, I believe we need all the guidance and wisdom we can get.  In my adult life I've always wanted to be the one with all the answers - the one who knew a lot.  Guess what?  Homeschooling has knocked me down quite a few pegs and I am thankful.  I have so much to learn...

Where do you turn for wisdom?