(friday) favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy 

Even though the weather isn't getting cool (like it is in Minnesota), there are still some things about Fall that are just unmistakably "Fall-ish"...

One of the biggest things is playing Fall Ball.   I think about the hours we put into baseball and how much we all love the sport.   Much of our week is spent watching scenes like this:

I love the intensity, focus, and drive that this sport gives my son.   I love the encouraging coaches, parents, and spectators.    I love that this is something my son is committed to and excels at because of his dedication and practice.  I love hearing my daughter cheer wildly when her brother is at bat, seeing how proud she is of him, and how much she loves him, too.

Most of all, I love this little boy, and the chance to spend many hours at the ball field with him!