Weekly Wrap Up #6 - Bye Bye TV!

Week 6:

Scripture Memory:  Psalm 1 (continued from last week)
Composer/Composition:  Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Read-Aloud:  Caddie Woodlawn & The Kid Who Only Hit Homers

Oh sure, I could go through each subject for the weekly wrap-up, but as I look back at the week it occurs to me that it was a hodge podge of many things.   We did accomplish all of the "basics", but it was the extras and fun things that stick out to me this week.   

The heat has broken and now in the morning it's not so hot when we take the dog out, and we can hear the birds singing! This is good, because we are learning about bird songs in Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day!   If you use this science book, might I recommend Birdjam?  We love it! (In fact, this was our favorite resource this week -- I'm linking to Learning All The Time!)  As we listened to the birdcalls of birds found in our yard, I could see the lightbulbs going off in the kids' heads... so amazing to us that God created so many birds with so many unique and beautiful songs.  

This past week was a bit of a milestone for us.  We gave up all forms of pay television.  Now we only use our ROKU box and have a monthly subscription to HULU (which is FAR cheaper than satellite or cable!).  Last night when the president was giving his speech I just watched it on the iPad via Fox News.  I think the way we watch television is changing and it is ridiculous to pay the high costs cable providers and satellite providers are asking.   We've been hooked on a wonderful show, that I know would interest homeschoolers:  Buried Treasure.  You would be amazed at what we've been learning about art and culture in general from this show.   Try watching it with your family and let me know what you think.  
Miss B did a little sewing.  She picked out these fabrics and wants to make some pillows.  She started hand sewing while she watches Little House on the Prairie.  (I really have an old soul on my hands!) The top fabric she thought looked like something Caddie Woddlawn might have worn!  

To conclude our study of Ohio, we made Buckeyes (oh yum!) together.   Miss B delivered some to our neighbor (who is from Ohio) and sat down with him to interview him about his state.  This was a fun way to learn more, and our neighbor loved sharing that the first stop light occured in Ohio!  

The kids both worked on "The Year" from First Language Lessons.  They are illustrating it a bit at a time.  This was really just supposed to be for GMan, but Miss wanted to join in, too.  

In The Story of The World, we were reading about Ancient China and tangrams.  I pulled out our set of tangrams (we love  these Mighty Mind tangrams!) and I left the kids alone with them.   I told them to take a picture of each card as they completed it, and that worked well.   I found these tangrams at TJ Maxx for $4.99 last year -- I love bargain shopping!

Our 50 state study is going very well.   We worked on notebooking pages for Ohio, and also got out our state quarters sets.  My dad made a set of these for all of the grandchildren, and we are using ours quite a bit!  

Co-Op started Thursday!  The kids were SO glad to see their friends again and they both have very interesting classes.   The fun thing to do is play on the lawn with your friends before and after co-op.

It's also fun to chat with your friends or play thumb wars before assembly! 

This weekend is my husband's birthday (on 9/11).  We are going to celebrate with family and I'm making the cake from the cover of this month's Southern Living!  (I'm expecting mine to look just like the picture!) Sunday is a busy and exciting day because we have Hal's birthday and also a candidate for pastor coming to our church.  Our pianist is out of town, so I will be playing the service... no stress there!

I have two books to read with my children about 9/11 and hope I can explain this to them in a sensitive manner.  I've never sheltered them from the events of the day, but this will be the first time we've gone in depth.

I have to admit it's been a long week and I'm tired!  The kids didn't wake up this morning until 8:30 a.m. because we have had some late nights.  Miss B is spending the night with a friend and then going to a horse show tomorrow and GMan and dad will be at baseball practice, so I hope to get caught up with some housecleaning and other things.   

How was your week?   Can you believe it's nearly fall?

*I'm happily linking today with Learning All The Time and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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