Collage Friday - Adventures in the West

Welcome to the "mobile" edition of Collage Friday.  

Memories have been made, lessons learned, and I've been spotting God in every single thing we are doing.   

While I didn't see much of Denver (I was in a conference for three days), what I have seen of Wyoming is breathtaking.   We are also struck with the friendliness of the people and the slow pace of life.   It is very refreshing.

Living in a suburb of a large city I think we often become jaded and cynical.  We are used to a frantic pace.   Sometimes that pace is even celebrated.   I must say I don't want to go home!

I made a few collages from our first days in Colorado.   I will have to post about Wyoming at another time.  I'm posting this from our hotel in Cheyenne and it's been such a busy day and I'm fading fast!  There's so much swirling in my head about the gorgeous countryside we saw and what we learned.  I will need break it up into several posts I'm sure!  

The next two weeks on the blog will be dedicated to the 10 Days of Reading Aloud.    I'm so excited to report I will have a guest post from Andrew Pudewa (of The Institute for Excellence in Writing), which will also include FREE audio downloads of some of his talks as well as a giveaway from IEW.   You won't want to miss the series!   



When we arrived last Sunday we drove to Colorado Springs for an afternoon at The Garden of the Gods.  The kids earned their Junior Ranger badges  (now we have four badges - we're trying to collect them!).   Poor Grant was fighting a horrible cold (which is loads better now) so we moved slowly through the rock formations.   I love the picture in the bottom right.  Yes, you can see the sun in top, but can you see the moon just above the mountains, too?   Just beautiful.  And no -- that rock climber isn't anyone in my family -- just thought it was a cool picture.  It scared me just to look at this brave soul!

I love my husband so very much.  He took three days while I was at the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ Conference and planned many fun things with the kids.    They would drop me off around 8 a.m. at the conference center and pick me up at dinner time.  I know they had fun together.   I also enjoyed the time to be in communion with 1,000 other church members; 

They toured Red Rocks, visited Buffalo Bill's grave, went to Hammond's Candy Factory, and also spent time at a transportation museum in downtown Denver.   Needless to say, Denver has a lot of fun (and economical) things to do with children.  

I've been Instagramming the whole trip; my Instragram photos are in my sidebar and you can follow me on Instagram, too - just look for musicalmary

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