Starting Your Day On The Right Foot - Jesus Calling Giveaway



As a Tommy Nelson Mommy I have the joy of sharing Biblical resources with you each month.  It seems that each time I write about them, the post is about how God's word has hit me over the head!   The more we are immersing ourselves in God's word, the more we see evidence in each and every moment of our lives of how God works in spectacular ways.  

We sit each morning while eating breakfast and have devotions.   Right now I read Grace For The Moment for my 7 year old, and Jesus Calling with my 11 year old.   Starting our day with God's word is essential.   

This month, in sharing devotions with my 11 year old daughter, a particular passage jumped out at us.   In Jesus Calling (teen edition), the passage for October 24 was:

This electronic age keeps My children "wired" much of the time, too tense to find Me in the midst of their moments.  I built into your very being the need for rest.  How twisted the world has become when people feel guilty about meeting this basic need!   How much time and energy they waste by being always on the go rather than taking time to seek My direction for their lives.


The devotion was followed by a reading of the 23rd Psalm.  

How many parents struggle with their pre-teens/teens being "wired" too much of the time?    I know I STRUGGLE with this same issue.   In reading through Jesus Calling with my daughter I'm finding the topics are so appropriate and speak directly to her (and me!).   The devotions are short, with a couple of Bible readings to reinforce the topic that day.   

I love how God works, too.  That same day I was reading the Facebook status of a friend who was waiting for her husband at the hospital.  He is undergoing tests for the return of malignant melanoma.   She had quoted Jesus Calling on her page.   God meets us where we are -- whether we are dealing with a serious illness, or a child that is too "wired".  He CARES about our needs, no matter how great or small they are. 

(By the way, Jesus calling has a Facebook page you can like!)

Jesus Calling has a one page devotion for each day of the year.  It's a beautiful hard bound book written by Sarah Young about enjoying the presence of God in your life.


This edition of Jesus Calling is perfect for your pre-teen/teen, and young adults.  (I'm not a young adult and I enjoy it, too!).    

I'm happy to be able to give away one copy of this to a lucky reader.  To enter, simply leave a comment and tell me how a daily devotion in your life helps in your daily walk as a Christian.   This giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 4, 2012 at midnight.  


Disclaimer: I received the above named product from Tommy Nelson Publishing  in return for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any other form.