A Gentle Introduction to Shakespeare


I've been anticipating studying Shakespeare for a few months now.   I must admit it was initially intimidating.  I do remember studying Shakespeare in college, but that was twenty years ago.  

The chapter in The Story of the World, Volume 2 was a PERFECT, gentle introduction to Shakespeare.   It gave a simple synopsis of Macbeth and explained tragedies, comedies and historical plays quite nicely.  The whole thing peaked my children's curiosity about Shakespeare and they wanted to know MORE.  

My strategy when we approach a unit is to first gather books and videos, with notebooking pages, copywork, lapbooking, etc...  to record our learning.  Then, when we have had a good exposure we will delve into some hands on activities that incorporate art, cooking, or whatever strikes the kids' fancies. 

The following are {mostly} FREE resources we have used with great success this week in phase 1 of our Shakespeare study: 

( My goal intially is just to give my children a BROAD OVERVIEW of Shakespeare - his life and times, types of plays, and a feeling for that genius so many of us love. )   

Next I am on a hunt for fun hands-on Shakespeare activities for Phase 2.   If you know of some, please leave me a comment and let me know! 


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