Link Up for 26 Acts of Kindness

This is a link up to honor the children of Newtwon and Sandyhook Elementary School.

The 26 Acts of Kindness movement has spread across the world.    In this small space in the blogging world we want to do something to help that generosity grow in people's hearts.

Please join us in performing 26 random acts of kindness.

You can use these printable cards from Amy (Milk and Cookies Blog) to dedicate each act to a specific child or adult that was lost in the school shootings.

Link your post with ideas for acts of kindness here.  Your ideas will inspire others!    

We are NOT doing this for a pat on the back or positive comments.  In fact, I would prefer you NOT to leave a comment on this post.   If you do, please just make it a suggestion of a random act of kindness you can perform for others.  


Here are simple things you can do to honor the victims.   The neat thing is - the more you do these random acts the more you WANT to keep doing them, and the more ideas you get.

Kindness is contagious and its effects are limitless.


  • Tape a bag of coins to the vending machine in your local Emergency Room



  • Write a note to an unsuspecting neighbor about why you appreciate them.  Drop by their home (or invite them to yours) and get to know them.
  • When you are at your favorite fast food restaurant, buy a stranger a milkshake - give them the #26acts card and explain that you want to honor one of the victims by doing something kind for them.
  • Buy someone you know who is in financial trouble toiletries (foodstamps don't cover things like toilet paper and shampoo).
  • Watch for a mom at the grocery store.  Offer to load her groceries and return her cart.  Let her go in front of you in line.
  • Have your children donate their old toys to another specific child in need. 




  • Take a walk through your neighborhood, picking up all the trash as you go.
  • Give a service person an extra big tip 
  • Tape a bag with either money or a gift card in it to the changing table in the women's restroom. Include a note that says "Doing a good job, mom!"
  • Buy lottery tickets and pass them out to strangers.
  • Adopt someone you don't know well from your prayer list at church and commit to writing them an encouraging letter each week
  • Do yardwork for your neighbor.
  • Deliver teddy bears to your local police or fire department.  They use them for children in distressing times.
  • Deliver balloons to the local children's hospital.
  • Leave a gift card in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
  • Sponsor a teacher in a local school.  Ask him or her what they need for their classroom and do everything you can to provide it for them.
  • Wash someone's windshield at the gas station.
  • Next time a repairman comes to your home, offer them a cup of coffee or a cold drink.
  • Pack Manna Bags for the homeless and pass them out.
  • Leave a gift for the garbage men when you put your trash can out.
  • Cut snowflakes to send to the students of Sandyhook Elementary.


If you feel inspired to perform 26 Random Acts of Kindness and share your ideas in a blog post, please link it up here.   Maybe we can make a difference to help honor the memories of those lost in Newtown.