My First Devotional ~ Our Favorite Bible Resource

This has been the scene in my home for many nights now...

He's been reading until he can't keep his eyes open.  

I was thrilled to receive My First Devotional, published by Thomas Nelson, for my seven year old son.  

He reads a story to me each night, and then wants to keep reading more!  The funny illustrations, humor, interesting facts, and mysteries keep his interest peaked.   I like the scripture references and discussion topics to apply each short story to HIS own life.

There are just over 75 pages of devotions - and each little story is 3-4 pages.  Each devotion is broken down into the sections:  

 Who? Me? - how this relates to the reader 
 Bible Verse  - additional scriptural reference
 Did you Know?  - interesting facts
Challenge  - applying the word to the reader's life.. thinking more deeply

Included in "Did You Know?" are interesting facts such as:

Archaeologists have proven Jericho's destruction happened at the end of the fifteenth century BC - precisely the time when the Bible says it happened.
In ancient Greece and Rome, fried locusts, cicadas, and grasshoppers were considered superior to the best meat or fish.  Locusts are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and are still eaten in Asia today.  

It is little facts like this that my son LATCHES ONTO and loves to share!  I'm sure I'm not alone in having a little one who obsesses takes great interest in something.   

Take a look at the flip book to see for yourself what a great resource this is for your young children (I would think ages 5-10 would be perfect - a bit older or younger depending upon the child).  I consider this to our FAVORITE BIBLE RESOURCE right now for my little guy! 

I'm thankful to be a Tommy Nelson Mommy, and thankful to be able to share some wonderful Christian training resources with you!