Five Resources For Incorporating Orchestral Music Into Your Homeschool


One of the questions I receive about music education was how to incorporate it in your homeschool if YOU yourself aren't musical.

 My answer is this:   

LEARN ALONG WITH YOUR CHILDREN and EXPOSE YOUR FAMILY TO MUSIC AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.   You can join homeschool choral groups, take piano lessons, listen to music, attend concerts -- do anything that enriches your musical life!!

Music is, quite simply, an INTEGRAL PART of our daily life.

5 Resources for Incorporating Orchestra Music into your Homeschool

 More specifically, I love orchestral music.

 Today I would like to give you some resources for learning about the orchestra and where to find good orchestral music.  

I can recall truly falling in love with music when I was in middle school.  I was attending a summer music camp and the performances there forever changed my life. 

Keep in mind: my mother and father were not trained musicians, but I do recall there was always MUSIC in our house (piano playing and lots of recordings of great music).  My mother sought out good piano teachers and encouraged me every step of the way.  I think my father was probably a member of the Boston Pops fan club!

 I know my family learned music by my side.

As I studied music in college , I loved my music history classes.

I would spend hours listening to my Sony DiscMan (who remembers those??) in preparation for exams.  

Music is a GIFT that once given can never be taken away.   It is a gift that resides in our children's hearts and souls.  It is a gift that teaches history, math, science, and so much more.  

I've watched my children's bad moods turn around after listening to music.  It can change the entire tone of a homeschool day.   It quiets my restless spirit at the end of a long day.   

Below are my favorite tools for teaching children about instruments of the orchestra and orchestral music.  (I know there are MANY, MANY MORE quality resources out there.  These are just the ones I have used the most with my own children.)

1.  Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and Story of the Orchestra 

 I highly recommend these  two books, which have accompanying CDs for your children. 

They are well done, succinct, and meaningful for children!   All four families of the orchestra are highlighted through narration and story. 

 { After learning about the four families of the orchestra you can follow up with the Dover Musical Instruments Coloring Book


This streaming music service is a great way to get your feet wet with music.  Simply set up your own Pandora station by composer or musical style and you can learn so much about music just by LISTENING.   

We keep Pandora going throughout our home during the day.  I love the Mozart and Gershwin Pandora stations. 

3.  Orchestra Lapbooks/Notebooks

I happen to love Homeschool Share... next week I'll share a great study we are doing from Homeschool Share, but for now I want to point you to their

Connections - Music Page.

... tons of lapbooking and notebooking ideas here!  

4.  Beethoven's Wig

I could go on and on about these wonderful CDs.

The creators take famous classics and add silly words to help your children remember the tune.    What I LOVE about the recordings is that the original version of each piece is also included.   These are great to keep in the car... focus on just a few pieces each week and pretty soon your children will have an extensive music repertoire!    Warning:  You may be humming the tunes incessantly after listening.  

5. SQUILT Music Appreciation

SQUILT is a simple, open and go curriculum that allows you to teach your children about beautiful music.

It requires no musical knowledge, and guides you through teaching your children how to listen for the essential elements in music.  

I created this curriculum after receiving so many messages from frustrated parents... parents who longed to give their children a music education, but weren't musical themselves! 


How Do You Choose Quality Music for Your Children?

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