Unburnable Money and other Amazing Science Experiments!

I love the thought of doing science experiments, but sometimes pulling everything together and actually getting to the execution stage wears me out (I'm just being honest.).   

Last week I put a DVD in for my children to watch and told them to preview it and choose some experiments they would like to do.   Lo and behold, we all wound up watching the DVD and completing several of the experiments.

Amazing Science! - Volume 1 is a 2 DVD set of  23 SIMPLE experiments using materials that your probably already have at home. 

While I helped with several of the experiments (Unburnable money was our favorite!), some could be done without me.   Take, for instance, Reversing an Image With Water.   This was simple enough for my 10 and 7 year to do unassisted.   The arrows they had drawn on a piece of paper appeared to reverse when they viewed them through a glass of water.   It's such a simple scientific principle - but very intriguing at the same time.  

The experiments are demonstrated clearly step-by-step.   Each explanation is just a few minutes long and includes not only the how-to instructions, but also the WHY behind each concept.    

My kids have wanted to watch the DVD multiple times!   Several nights this week my husband was bombarded the minute he walked in the door with the cool "science tricks" the children learned that day.    This is how I KNOW something is good.  

Here's a little freebie for you... you can try this easily.  You will just need a piece of copper pipe (I purchased ours for $1.50 at the local hardware store), a candle, and of course some money to "burn".  

Next week we will be making lemon batteries - fun!


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Watch this video about the DVD.  
This gets a five star ranking from my children and I!  

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