Just Like Percy Jackson - but BETTER!

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I'm blessed to have children that love to read.   Sometimes, however, this can be a challenge, because I need to make sure they are reading QUALITY literature.   

My almost 11 year old's latest read is Spirit Fighter, by Jerel Law.  It is the first in the Son of Angels series published by Thomas Nelson.   After she completed this book I asked her for her honest evaluation. Her exact words were:

  "It was just like Percy Jackson, but BETTER, because it was about being Christian."    

That's an A+ in my book.

Sometimes I feel as if we are at spiritual war each and every day of our lives, and it was wonderful to find books (in addition to the Bible!)  that equip my child to handle a war against her faith.  

From the publisher:

Jonah Stone has always thought of himself as average, but in seventh grade he learns a fascinating family secret, and his world turns upside down.  Jonah's mom is nephilim, the daughter of a human and a fallen angel, which makes Jonah one-quarter angel.  When his mom is kidnapped by fallen angels, it's up to Jonah and his sister Eliza to rescue her.  Guided by prayer and a guardian angel, Jonah and Eliza embark on an epic adventure through the streets of New York and come to understand that God plans in ways they never could have imagined.

The story is based on scripture in the book of Genesis.  


To learn more about the book you can also watch the video trailer

We always look forward to our monthly package from Tommy Nelson with books for review.   This one was a KEEPER.  My daughter has already asked me to order the rest of them in the series (when they are released!).

I Love being a Tommy-Mommy

What is your middle grades child reading these days?  Do you have any good recommendations for me?

If you'd like to have a copy of this book for your own child(ren), just leave me a comment telling me your child's favorite type of literature! 

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