On Mothers, Motherhood, and Loss


Mother's Day is (obviously)  a day for celebrating motherhood.   

I have been amply blessed in this department.  

My own mother (who had me after she already had been a mother for 13 years) is the person who inspired me to be a mom.   She is all those things you think of when the term "super mom" is thrown out there.   

As I matured into an adult,  I remember her supporting me in my every decision, even those I knew she didn't agree with.   She taught me how to care for my children when they were newborns, and came to my rescue a few times when I just needed that extra help only a mother can give.

I know I am blessed beyond measure to have a mother like mine.

{I think she's beautiful, too... she will be 77 this summer and I think she looks wonderful,  don't you?}

My own journey as a mother has been such a blessing, too. 

 My first born, Miss B, is bright,  sweet,  nurturing, and very strong-willed (kind of like her mother).  She's always the first to notice if someone has their feelings hurt or needs help.  She is growing into a young lady I am proud of.  She is growing too quickly.



My GMan is a lovable nut.  I adore this little boy.    This is my child who had me on bed rest during pregnancy and was born 6 weeks early.  I don't think I've ever gotten over the fact that I missed several months of his early life due to postpartum depression ~ but my own mother helped see my family through that dark time.      



While Mother's Day is a joyful day for me, I am mindful of the fact that it is a HARD day for others.

My husband lost his own mother  eight years ago to cancer.  She was a mom who taught her son to love his wife and children.  She never got the chance to meet my youngest and barely knew my oldest.   Tomorrow will be a hard day for my father-in-law, sister-in-laws, and husband.  

There is a mother in our community tomorrow that  needs your fervent prayers.  She lost her beautiful six year old daughter in a tragic accident just over three months ago.  

My heart aches for her.  Please pray for this mother... a homeschooling mother just like me who lost her youngest child too soon.  

Whatever your circumstance, I pray peace for you.   

If you have a mother,  I pray you will love and cherish her.

If your mother is gone, I pray you have some quiet time to reflect on good memories of her.

If you are a mother, I pray you take time to just enjoy your children.

And, if you are suffering from the loss of a child, I pray that God grants you peace. 

I plan on simply enjoying my children on Mother's Day {and every day, really}... savoring the homemade cards, cookies, and hugs and kisses.   I have been blessed, and I am thankful.