We're Done (Don't Tell The Kids!) - Collage Friday

Welcome to Collage Friday!  Have you finished your school year? We have {technically} completed our 180 days, but I didn't tell the kids.   We are going to keep schooling for another two weeks and then take a break for a few weeks.   Our summers are always scheduled around swimming classes, so I squeeze other things in between those.

I'm trying to get everyone to a good stopping point in math, Writing With Ease, and The Story of the World, then we will continue bits and pieces during the summer.   Learning is a lifestyle and it never technically "ends".  

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A few of my blessings this week:

* breakfast with a friend who has decided to homeschool ~ I loaned her two of my favorite books:   A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning, and  Seasons of a Mother's Heart, 2nd edition.      I believe these two books should be in every homeschooling mother's library, and they were my favorite resource this week.  

* the kids being so excited about history - GMan has declared he wants to be a Plague Doctor for Halloween this year.  Ummm... ok? We also read DK Biography: Joan of Arc, which was VERY enlightening.  I love the informal narrations the kids do for their dad each night... such a valuable assessment tool for me, too. 

* having the chance to guest post at MODsquad... about helping your daughter cultivate Godly friendships?

* sharing my friend Monica's thoughts about Homeschooling as a Calling... she put into words what I could not

*the strength to work out 4 times this week - most of those times were swimming, which I truly enjoy

* special times with friends for each of my children... now that our co-op has ended they don't get to see their friends as much, and we have to make more of an effort to get together

1.  Bible lanyards and memorization pins from church... GMan's class memorized the 10 Commandments and Miss B's class memorized the 23rd Psalm and the Lord's Prayer.   I love our church and the true family it is for us.  

2.  I began Hello Mornings this week. Why have I not done this before?  I'm enjoying the Love Like Him Bible study and accountability online.   I've been up before 6 a.m. every morning this week - that's good for me!

3.  The kids and I are memorizing 1 Corinthians 13 (goes along with my Hello Mornings challenge).   I've referenced the chapter so much during our week, and I've found the Holy Spirit inserting it into my thoughts so often.  The week has been peaceful and productive because of that, I know.  

1.  Cookies baked by Miss B - I went to swim laps at the YMCA on Saturday and when I returned she had made these wonderful frosted Peanut Butter Cookies all by herself.  Happy Mother's Day!

2.  Mother's Day - I'm so blessed by my own mother and my children.  I look at my daughter and see so much of myself.  This is humbling.

3.  Lots of music this week.  I love that her piano teacher requires music theory!  Miss B's piano recital is tonight - can't wait to hear her play and to hear some other great young pianists, too.  Speaking of music, did you get the printables I made for you about the orchestra and band? 

1.  I have turned over more household jobs to the kids the past few months.  GMan is learning how to unload the dishwasher... and Miss B is responsible for one meal each day (breakfast is easy!), while GMan always walks the dog and takes out the trash.  

2.  I can't stop my guy on the piano now - woo hoo!   He loves to practice and has been making up his own music, too.  It's interesting, though - he's a very bright boy and things comes easily to him, but the piano is more challenging.   What intrigues me is that he is largely working through this beginner book on his own, and it's going well for him.  I would recommend Piano Adventures Lesson Book, Primer (by Faber & Faber) for self teaching piano.  

3.  In math both children have learned about The Metric System.  We have been measuring everything, converting liters, meters, etc...   I'm going to write a post about this soon, because I've found some living math resources and fun activities.  I'm not normally a creative math person, but I like this!  We read Millions to Measure, which was a favorite this week.  

4.  We have a chair on our front porch where the kids like to sit and eat popsicles, watch birds, or whatever strikes their fancy.  Last week while I was sitting with GMan, a hummingbird came right up to the flowers.  It sounded like a bee and we both instinctively ducked our heads.  When I looked up, the hummingbird was about a foot from us - amazing.

I've also added some of our favorite resources in an Amazon box at the bottom of the blog... but I'm inserting it into today's post so you can get a feel for what my favorite things are:

How was your week?  I'd love for you to join me.   You don't need a formal "collage",  just a collection of pictures that tell us about your homeschool week.    Be sure to grab the button below, sign the linky, and then visit others on the list to offer encouragement and gain ideas.  


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