More Middle Grades Fiction ~ Win a Copy of SWIPE

I love being a Tommy-Mommy

My 10 year old daughter has been enjoying the latest review from Thomas Nelson publishing.  

This was something very different from what she normally reads.  I liken it to the Left Behind series for adults.   After she read the book we talked about it and she said it was "disturbing, but not in a scary way - in a good way".  When I asked her to elaborate she simply said, "I loved it because it was such a thriller!... How come I have to wait until the fall for the next one to come out?"

Apocalyptic dystopian fiction at its best. Angler’s sharp wit and dexterity with political themes are matched only by the thrilling suspense on every page. 
—Lis Wiehl, New York Times bestselling author and FOX News correspondent

I love that Thomas Nelson is offering CHRISTIAN fiction for middle grades children.  Finding good reading material for this age isn't always easy, and I'm thankful for these books we are getting because I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy.

Watch the trailer here:

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Do you assign your middle grades student "required reading" in the summer, or do you let them read just for fun?   I'm curious, because I'm on the fence for this summer.

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