The Week of the Rather Nasty Fieldtrip ~ Collage Friday

It was quite a relaxing week around our house.  We did do a little bit of math, science, Bible, writing and history.   The kids also spent a ton of time playing our new favorite resource:  Rocket Math - a great app I put on the iPad.  Factor in the holiday, a day away on a field trip, and I'm not quite sure where the week went!  

I do have some exciting news:

  Homegrown Learners will be moving TOMORROW!    

I don't think there should be too much upheaval, but if you subscribe by email or Google Friend Connect you will need to resubscribe.  You can read all about the transition in a post I wrote earlier this week.  

Also.... more exciting news:

PicMonkey now has a photo collage option!   I LOVE PicMonkey - it's free and if you want to make great collages it is easy.   

Memorial Day:

1.  GMan LOVES any kind of berries.  His Uncle David helped him pick a lot of blueberries and blackberries on Memorial Day.   Nothing like hopping out of the pool, picking berries, and eating them right away!

2.  Preparing for swim/dive class that starts next week.   I'm so glad it's warm enough to swim!

3.  Daddy and Miss B - my children are blessed by such a wonderful father.

4.  The kids were playing "Robin Hood" in the pool all afternoon on Memorial Day.  I just love it when they essentially narrate a book through their play together.  This thing called homeschooling is pretty amazing!  



Field Trip:

1.  Yes, we went to see "The Scoop on Poop".  This was at a local museum where we have a membership.  It was very good.   We discovered that we are pretty much in the minority when it comes to thinking poop is gross.   There were SO many interesting things we learned - and surprisingly enough, the kids were pretty mature about it all!

2.  GMan on the toilet - oh, he'll love me one day for blogging this picture!

3.  Miss B looking at different parasites under the microscope.

4.  I believe this was an anthill - had something or other to do with dung.  {That's all I remember, but he was enthralled.}

* We did see the most amazing IMAX movie about Ancient Greece (the music was just spectacular!).  It was a perfect review from our Story of the World studies last year.   BY THE WAY.... did you see my Story of the World vlog? 


Miscellaneous Events From The Week:

1.  Miss B collected two baby bottles' worth of change for a local Christian pregnancy counseling center.   I loved the way she wasn't afraid to ask neighbors, her piano teacher, and grandparents to contribute.  She and I had a good talk about what this money would be used for, too.

2.  Last weekend was full of graduations, birthday parties, and an Eagle Scout ceremony for a friend of ours.  This picture is of GMan and a little friend he met... it was so cute to see my "baby" being the big boy and leading around a little friend.  I discovered (well, I already knew this) that I have a sweet little boy that is so caring with younger children.

3.  I just had to include this photo.  Miss B has THE THICKEST hair.  I wish I could French Braid.  I need to learn.  A friend from church did this braid for her.

4.  Lots of LEGO creations this week - GMan's favorite was this horse trailer.  Clever, huh?

How was your week?  I'd love for you to join me.   You don't need a formal "collage",  just a collection of pictures that tell us about your homeschool week.  

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