Learning Cursive & Loving Copywork

  My son started learning cursive just a couple of months ago.  I used a $.99 ebook from Scholastic (Cursive Success) to teach him... my daughter learned with Handwriting Without Tears, but she had learned to write quite poorly in public school, so there was some remediation to do.

Cursive is a skill I feel is important for my children to know, and to know WELL.   It is an ART that is being lost.   

GMan picked up on cursive so well - and to my delight and surprise he wanted to write everything in cursive and he wanted to write all of the time!   He's also a lefty, and I had heard these children have a more difficult time.   Not this guy.... 


He started doing his Writing With Ease copywork and narrations in cursive.  He was writing poems for me in cursive.  He was copying the church bulletin in cursive.  You get the picture.   


Confident that he knows how to form the letters properly, I was having him copy lots of different things... Proverbs, major league baseball rosters, poems, etc...  I was SO GLAD when Ami, at Walking by the Way, offered me the chance to review Copywork Lessons for Future Heroes!    (Ami is the owner of Homeschool Share, where we get all of our free lapbooks, and she loves Interest Led Learning with her boys.  I admire Ami very much!)




Copywork for Future Heroes includes 150 days of copywork for your future hero.  

It is designed for grades 3 and up (my son is going into second grade) - but I can see it being adaptable for younger grades, too, depending on your child.

Ami has compiled copywork from scriptures (NIV), quotes about perseverance, honesty, hard work, and courage, inspiring poems, and fables full of wisdom. You can preview some of it at Walking By The Way.

I gave GMan a new spiral notebook and this will be his hero book.   I pull up the .pdf download on the iPad and let him copy right from that.  It makes him feel quite professional and "heroic".  


I am pleased to be able to give away one download of Copywork for Future Heroes to a reader.   Simply leave me a comment telling me about your little hero who would be using this resource!  

This giveaway will be open until Friday, June 15 at midnight.