A Small Homeschool Coop is a Big Homeschool Blessing

I’m so blessed. Amazing godly women are walking beside me in my homeschool journey. Seven years ago God gave me a vision to start a little homeschool cooperative. And I’m so blessed by what He has done.
The first and most important thing I did was pray. I started asking God to assemble a team of moms, teachers, friends. And He did. God picked them and put us together. We have amazing stories of how we met – at a garage sale, at the park, once-upon-a-time neighbors, old classmates.  We represent fourteen families, ten churches, and six denominations, but we are ONE co-op. God has brought us together in a beautiful body-of-Christ way. We are sisters.
What keeps us together? God’s grace and these three things.


1.     Unity 

We are unified in our goals for our co-op: To foster encouraging, supportive relationships and friendship within the homeschooling community. To enrich a child’s home education with focused topic classes that might pique that child’s curiosity in a certain subject as well as fun, hands-on classes that would be hard to replicate at home.


We are agreed that Gossip is not welcome. She may not be present at meetings, phone conversations, or any other time. There is no room for her.



 2.     Love

We bear one another’s burdens. Hugs, notes, texts, phone calls, taking meals, watching children – we do all of these things for each other because there is a true, fierce sister-to-sister love for one another. When we say, “I’ll be praying,” we mean it. We have love for one another.




3.     Time

When a new family comes in to our group, we tell them, “you must COME IN.” This is an investment. It’s not just a once/week hi-how-are-you-I’m-fine acquaintanceship. This is a if-you-aren’t-okay-don’t-say-it, we-will-step-in-and-rally-round-you-when-you-need-us relationship. Times 14.


We wouldn’t have what we have without commitment. Does it cost something? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.




Not everyone needs to be in a co-op. And not everyone desires a small, intimate place, but I did. I thank God for giving me the desire of my heart.


If you’d like to chat more about starting a smallish co-op, you can find me at Walking by the Way. This week I am  writing a series on Creative Co-op Classes. I hope you will join me!



*Amy is a contributing author to the summer series, Homeschool Guests, here at Homegrown Learners.  Amy has shares my interest-led heart and is the visionary behind Walking by the Way and Homeschool Share.   She's a huge talent in the homeschool world, so I hope you get to know her!