Teaching Piano Made Easy

When I wrote The Ten Days of Teaching Music, there was one day dedicated to piano lessons. What About Piano Lessons?   gave my advice about what age to start lessons, how to find a teacher, practicing, etc...  

Many people commented and wrote to me asking me the same question: 

What if I am not musical and cannot afford traditional piano lessons?  How will my child learn to play piano?

Since that time I have been on a hunt of sorts to seek out these resources.   I have found one that is a gem.  My youngest has been testing it for me and having such fun - and learning a lot about piano! 

I want to introduce New Song Music Studios.   The owner, Joleen, is dedicated to helping children learn to play piano... and she has developed a kit to help parents give the gift of piano to their young children.  


About Music For Little Learners

Music for Little Learners is designed to help children (ages 4 and up) to learn the basics of reading music and piano.   The kit contains everything you will need to guide your child through 35 lessons.  

Joleen says the kit is...

so simple to use that even parents without any musical background will be empowered to teach their children to read and play music!


The kit has two parts:   Learning to Read Music and Learning to Play Music

Children will learn how to read music of the staff, how to read note values, and proper form at the piano.  They will also learn scales, a few simple songs, and the basics of tempo and dynamics.   

You can see all the elements of the kit at New Song Music Studios.   Joleen has even created videos to help you teach your child.   


Why I Recommend Music For Little Learners

As a piano teacher I'm very particular {ok, obsessive} about how my children have learned piano.   My son is just seven and we have dabbled in piano a little bit over the past year.

I sat him down with the kit and we went through the lessons.   He enjoyed it very much.   That was a benefit.  

The white "piano gloves" captivated him from the moment we opened the suitcase!  

But, as I went through each lesson I also saw the larger benefit:   a sound piano education.  

He learned the basics of music theory and how to play simple songs on the piano.    You would be surprised at the number of children who can PLAY piano but don't understand the basics of how to READ MUSIC.   

A non musician could easily work through this adorable little music suitcase with their children.

A piano teacher like me can pull elements out of the program to use with her private piano students. {bonus!}

It is affordable -- just $50.  In the real world $50 will get you a couple of private piano lessons.   So, it is cost effective.

It incorporates fun arts and crafts to help reinforce musical concepts.   It is obvious that the kit was developed by a mom who understands that ALL CHILDREN LEARN DIFFERENTLY.   

Most of all, I admire Joleen's passion to bring music to all children.   I cannot fathom the amount of hard work that has gone into each kit and all of the accompanying online videos.  

What can you expect with this kit?   Well, here's my little guy playing a piece for you.  



I encourage you to investigate Music For Little Learners if you have a child that wants to learn to play piano.

You can learn details about purchasing a kit, and also visit the Music For Little Learners Blog

 If you decide to purchase a kit, please mention Homegrown Learners at checkout and you will receive a free rollup chalkboard mat (it is adorable) and an extra set of music shapes. 





*I received Music For Little Learners in return for my honest opinion of the product.   Please see my disclosure policy for more details.