What's In The Bible - A New Favorite Resource

 A DVD Bible curriculum that is educational, humorous, clever, and catchy... this is what we've been addicted to for the past month!  

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales (I still find myself singing Barbara Manatee on a regular basis, do you?), has done it again and created an awesome resource for training our children in the stories and structure of the Bible.

We've all been giggling, learning, and enjoying Bible history through these DVDs.   I'm hoping to be able to purchase more than just the two we have to continue learning about the Bible in the coming year! 


About The Series

The What's In Bible series currently has 8 DVDs.  The first DVD begins in Genesis and the Old Testament is covered through Volume 8 (Psalms, Proverbs and The Writings.) There is also a DVD of songs (which, if you watch any of these videos, you will see the songs are ADORABLE!)

 The kids have had a lot of fun using the online printable resources, and also playing the online games that go along with the series.   It's really MUCH MORE MORE than a DVD.  It's an entire Bible world your children can immerse themselves in for quite some time.  



The cast of characters is really what reels children into the DVD.  When I asked my children their two favorite characters (other than the lovable host, Buck Denver), this is how they responded:




Don't be fooled that these DVDs are just for the youngest members of your family.  As my daughter has been saying for the past few weeks, "It's for big kids, too!".  

 My children have been enjoying Volume 7, Exile and Return.


Volume 7:  Exile and Return

You can watch the trailer for Volume 7 to get a very good idea of what the video is like.  Notice the DETAILS presented in just this short clip.   How many of these facts did YOU know before watching?

This volume completes the What's in The Bible? journey through the 12 Historical Books of the Bible.   Contents include 2 episodes (Ezra and Nehemiah and Brave Queen Esther) with the following sections:


  • On To Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Empires:  Assyria and Babylon
  • True and Trustworthy
  • Cyrus Lets the Exiles Return
  • Ezra! Rebuilding the Temple
  • Nehemiah! Rebuilding the Wall
  • Esther and King Xerxes
  • Popsicle Stick Esther
  • Trouble with Haman
  • God's Resuce Plan Continues!
  • God Keeps His Promises
  • We Need a Savior


Our Impressions 

Wow.  Where to start?  There wasn't a SINGLE negative about the DVD we watched.   In fact, every time I mention the DVD, my kids start yelling "PONIES!" just to get themselves all hyped up. (You have to watch the DVDs to really get that, I'm afraid.)

My kids said (hands down) that they learned a lot about the order of the books of the Bible and the classification of those books.   Old Testatament, New Testament is their favorite song.  WARNING:  This will get stuck in your head!  

As a parent, I appreciated the sound teaching of the Bible; the physical structure of the Bible is emphasized through song and humor.  Maps and definitions accompany every concept.  

The creators of What's In The Bible assume our children have a capacity for learning the most difficult things about the Bible, and guess what?  THEY CAN!   


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 *I was given a copy of this resource by What's In The Bible for review.   All opinions expressed are entirely my own.   I was compensated for my time and effot.  For more information, please read my disclosure policy.