Why I Blocked a Parking Place for Back To School Pictures

I'm enjoying the Not Back To School Blog Hop so much!

It's given me a chance to peek inside the minds and homes of other homeschoolers.  

This week we get to share photos of our students.

This is our third year homeschooling.   Anna remembers what school pictures were like (she went to public school until the middle of third grade) and Grant has not a clue what school pictures are all about.

One of the things my parents asked when I started to homeschool was, "We'll still get school pictures, right?"  Old habits die hard.  

Reason 1,247 why I like homeschool:

Not paying $30 (or more!) for a package of pictures I don't  even like.    

 I need to give credit to Pinterest for this idea.  I then traced it back to a Flickr Photo, to be exact.  

Our first day of school had a big hiccup.  My husband had noticed the night before that one of my van tires had a huge tear in it, so it was off to the tire store early on the first day of school.  Thankfully, my dear father-in-law met us there and then took us out to eat breakfast; then he indulged me by driving around a little to find a large brick wall for the backdrop of these photos.  

It turned out to be a very enjoyable morning, and my father-in-law and I chuckled as he blocked a parking space so no one would pull in and ruin my clear shot of the brick wall.  He told me he was happy to "cart his favorite daughter-in-law around".  {I'm his only daughter-in-law, too!}  

I had simply seen the ripped tire as an incovenience and a less than ideal way to start the school year, when  it was actually God's plan for a perfect first day of school.

I'm still learning the ins and out of photography (and I was so glad to hear there is going to be a photography session at the BEECH Retreat!),  so here are my back to school photo projects, taken on my only camera, my iPhone:





I'm hoping to make this a back to school tradition - breakfast at iHop followed by photos in front of the same brick wall.  Maybe my father-in-law will want to join us, too.   

I can't wait to see everyone else's photos!