LEGO Learning (Among Other Things) - Collage Friday


Where did the week go?   This was a week where we accomplished all of our academics, and then some.   It was a week where we were home each day and could focus on some deeper learning.   It was a week where I was THANKFUL to be homeschooling my children and THANKFUL to have this chance to witness their learning each day.  

The activity that trumped all others this week was LEGO class at co-op.  

My LEGO Pinterest board is home to the ideas I've found, which helped me design a class for second and third graders called "Learning With Legos".   Using an idea from my friend Amy I've also made it a bit of a public speaking class, with the children learning about different public speaking techniques each week as they present their creations.  

I imagine I will have to post about the class in its entirety once we have completed the 10 week session.   For right now we are just building, learning, and having fun.  

The two favorite activities so far have been LEGO Bingo and a LEGO tower board game.   Both of these games are free printables!   It's amazing the social skills these children are learning through LEGO activities, too.  Things like sharing, kindness, being humble, etc...  It's all GOOD.    

I have been blessed with the expertise of an 11 year old assistant - this young man is such a joy to work with and is taking his job as my assistant quite seriously.  He is the resident "Master Builder" and the younger children love it!   Have I mentioned how much we adore our co-op?

We have been using the Apple TV quite a bit in our homeschool.  

This is basically a small device which allows us to project things from the laptop and other devices (iPhones and iTouches) onto our television.  It is also the way we watch Netflix and other internet streaming television programs.  This week we watched a PBS Documentary, Riding The Rails. (It goes along with our current read-aloud - more about that later) The documentary was online, but using the Apple TV we could watch it on our television, too.   Very cool.

Grant did something which made my mama heart quite proud this week.  

After reading one of his devotions from the Hide and Seek Devotional about writing a letter to someone who was lonely, Grant decided (100% on his own) to write a letter to a friend of ours who has just started college out of state.   This is a young man we know from church and whom Grant admires quite a bit.  When Grant showed me the letter I was speechless.   In case you can't see what it says in the picture:

Dear Matt:  God loves you!  He will always be with you when you are lonely.  Love, Grant

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.  ~ Jeremiah 29:11

 The Holy Spirit was working through my precious son this week.   I know Matt will love this letter!

Two tired children on the morning of co-op... a little sleepy looking in the picture.  

We leave the house at 8:15 a.m. - Anna has a math class at 9 - then co-op is for the entire afternoon.   Needless to say, it's hard getting up earlier that day, but their love of co-op motivates them.   

Anna had a great week... one of her favorite things being middle school fellowship at church.  I'm so happy she has this small group of children in our church to spend time with.  She also had a fun spend the night birthday party which included a trip to Medieval Times and seeing plenty of her friends at co-op.  


Math is (knock on wood) not painful AT ALL this year!!  

The predictability and logic in Saxon are working well for both children.   This week Anna was learning about fractions and fractional word problems.  Using manipulatives really helped her!  From using other math programs I can definitely tell that Saxon is where we needed to be all along.

Grant spent some time filling in our Sonlight Book of Time this week.  

We are currently learning about Martin Luther, the Counter Reformation, and scientists of the Renaissance.   I love the timeline stickers and how neatly everything is laid out.  Do you keep a timeline for history?   Ours is truly an anchor to our days!

Lots of time was spent reading aloud this week.  

We are close to finishing Bud, Not Buddy.  This has to be one of our all time favorite read-alouds.   It is so full of humor, poignancy, and history.   It fit right in with our study of jazz and George Gershwin, too.  The other books in the picture have also been recent read aloud favorites:  The Witches (read this one cautiously and research before you start - the subject matter may be disturbing for little ones, but in typical Dahl fashion the book is a riot.) and The Happy Hollisters.


My favorite resource this week deserved its own collage.  

The Renaissance Art Game, by Birdcage Press, has been a fabulous way to learn about five famous artists of the Renaissance.   This is basically a Go-Fish card game.  The kit comes with a book that teaches about the artists (Botticelli, Michaelangelo, Fra Angelico, DaVinci, and Rafael) and also contains 30 cards which are 6 major works by each artist.  

We spent one lunch reading about each artist, and then I decided it was just best to play the game.  By playing the children have learned the artists' works, how to pronounce their names, and lately they have started making observations about each piece of art.   This is just one of those resources that makes learning FUN. 

News From The Blog This Week

  • I reviewed Jim Hodges audiobooks - specifically recordings of books by Henty.   Have you entered to win two of the CDs for your homeschool?
  • I shared a simple, easy way to incorporate music education in your homeschool.  Did you see the SQUILT free download and lesson plan?
  • My husband had a birthday this week and Anna made his cake all by herself.  This Chocolate Chip Pound Cake is a recipe you will want to make - SOON!

 I am also so happy to share with you that I am now blogging for Tommy Nelson!  

You will be seeing articles from me on their blog (the first one ran this week) and I will also be sharing resources from Tommy Nelso  with you.   This is an honor for me to be a part of such a wonderful company.  

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