The Perfect Blogging (or whatever you want) Bag


 I'm headed to a blogging conference this week!   

Not only am I excited because of the friends I will meet, speakers I will here, and knowledge I will obtain, but I am also excited for a much more frivolous reason.


I have a sweet friend who is a consultant for Thirty One Gifts.   Don't you love their bags?

She offered to suit me up for the BEECH Retreat, and this bag is so cute.

About the Bag: 

This is the Organizing Utility Tote (Party Punch), which sells for $30.

I also have a cute Zipper Pouch (Turquoise Cross Top), which sells for $15.

The bag is the PERFECT size for my Blog Planner, laptop case, and lots of other things.    

It has FIVE organizing pockets, and 2 side pockets, perfect for business cards, laptop chargers, headphones, water bottle, etc...   

{Maybe I'll need to put some suncreen in there, too - since the conference is at the BEACH!}

Three Reasons I Love 31 Bags


  • They last!  I own two bags and have spilled things in them, toted them around endless places, and they still look good.
  • They are just cute and fun!  Looking at my bag makes me really happy.   That's worth something, right?
  • They keep me organized:  enough said.   With so many pockets it's easy for me to keep everything in its place.

I'm looking forward to using this bag during the BEECH Retreat.  After the conference is over this will still be my blogging bag.  It's just perfect for taking with me to the library, Starbucks, or wherever I might need my computer and other writing things.  

Right now, if you spend $31, you get an item from the new "Your Way" collection for 50% off.

So, go look for a bag  you like and HAVE FUN.

Be watching, too -- I'll be having a Valentine Thirty-One giveaway very soon!