Worldview with Apologia's "What We Believe" Homeschool Curriculum

The biggest part of my job as a homeschooling mom is to disciple my children. They need to know WHAT they believe about the Christian faith, and WHY they hold those beliefs.

Using the Bible as a lens through which they view the world is of utmost importance.  

We have been using the What We Believe Worldview Curriculum from Apologia for several years. It started with Anna three years ago, and now Grant is using the books as well. 

*We have been using this curriculum for the past three years. I have been compensated to write this post, but I would be endorsing this product whether I was paid or not - we love it!

About What We Believe

The What We Believe curriculum consists of many books and notebooking journals. 

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This homeschool curriculum is designed for ages 6-14.

The reading level is more geared towards middle grades, so my son and I are doing this study together. I read aloud while he uses the notebooking journal.

It is non denominational, and references primarily the 1984 NIV Bible translation. 

Each book in the series can stand alone, but it is recommended you do them in order. (I agree with this 100%! For review purposes I will be talking about Volume 3, but my son has been through the other volumes first and they naturally lead into each other.)

Each volume has a textbook, notebooking journal, audio CD, and coloring book (for purchase separately).

Apologia has a comprehensive list of FAQs if you want to know more specifics (which I always do when teaching anything having to do with the Bible to my children).

Who Is My Neighbor (and Why Does He Need Me?)

I will be sharing about the main textbook and notebooking journal for Volume 3. 


This volume aims to teach our children about developing a servant heart. 

The notebooking journal keeps kids engaged and serves as a physical scrabpook for their learning! We love notebooking, so this is right up our alley. 

Format/Scheduling of Who Is My Neighbor

There are 8 large lessons in Who Is My Neighbor (and Why Does He Need Me?).

  1. Does Anyone Really Need Me?
  2. How Can I Make a Difference?
  3. Who Is My Neighbor?
  4. Why Did God Make Families?
  5. What Can I Do For My Country?
  6. Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
  7. Who Is God's Family?
  8. Why Does the Church Need Me? 

 As you can see, the 8 sections are critical areas for our children. In uncertain times like ours, it is IMPERATIVE that our children be equipped with truths grounded in the Word of God.

Thank you, Apologia, for this wonderful homeschool resource!

The textbook and notebooking journal give guides for a suggested plan of study, but the lessons can be completely flexible. 

We have been completing a lesson in 2 weeks, so at this pace the book will take us 16 weeks to complete. 

Three mornings a week we include this study in our routine. It is a wonderful way to start our days!

Apologia has written this book so that is engaging for ALL ages. The stories, real life examples, and cross curricular activities have something that appeals to everyone.  The lessons are broken into small sections that allow for even the shortest of attention spans to take part. I could see a family with many children using this study all together, with each child working on a different level.

The Notebooking Journal

The notebooking journal helps keep all hands busy and enhances learning while you are reading the text.

Apologia has intended for this journal to be a true KEEPSAKE, with your child as the author. Our children are taking a great voyage using this curriculum, and their notebooking journal reflects that.

The journal includes comprehension questions. vocabulary words, scripture memory, word puzzles, and (my son's favorite), physical minibooks to be cut, completed, and glued into the journal.

You can view samples of the journal, as well as lesson plans, and more on Apologia's website


Thoughts on Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor

The busy homeschool mom in me loves that all of the work is done for me! The only supplies necessary for a lesson are the textbook, notebook, our Bible, and basic notebooking supplies.

For a younger participant (like my son, age 8), the notebooking journal keeps him engaged and focused. It serves as a wonderful keepsake and record of this "journey" he is taking!

Apologia's worldview homeschool curriculum is grounded in TRUTH. The Bible is the living and inspired Word of God. Period. I appreciate a curriculum that keeps this central.

The lessons are broken up into small chunks that are manageable. Stories about famous Christians, quotes from figures our children will know (my son loved that the book mentioned Roberto Clemente!), and references to things children like (such as NASCAR!) make the book engaging and meaningful. 

We loved the What We Believe books when my daughter started them three years ago, and now we love them again the second time around with another child. 

The Specifics of Who Is My Neighbor

View the product page to find out about each of these wonderful resources!

Who is My Neighbor? - $39

Notebooking Journal - $24

Coloring Book - $8

Audio CD - $29

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Connect with Apologia

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