Notebooking and Classical Conversations

Notebooking is our favorite way to learn.

Each week we take the Classical Conversations memory work and print applicable notebooking pages. I put them in Grant's memory work binder, and as the week progresses he completes pages that interest him.

Notebooking and Classical Conversations
Notebooking and Classical Conversations

This not only helps him memorize the material, but also lets him dig deeper in certain areas and have a tangible keepsake of his hard work.

Notebooking rocks!

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{In case, you're wondering how to notebook, check out Getting Started with Notebooking. You can also read my friend Jimmie's Notebooking Success eBook, which is packed with ideas.} 

Two Simple Notebooking Resources

Part of the beauty of CC is the SIMPLICITY it has brought to our homeschool.

Each week I consult just two sources for notebooking pages.

By making an investment in these two resources at the beginning of the school year, I know each week I will have two excellent resources at my disposal. I save time and hassle this way, and Grant LOVES the consistency, too!

CC Connected- This is the online subscription end of Classical Conversations. It's well worth the small fee I pay each month to be able to download member created materials. (see What is CC Connected? to learn more)

Notebooking Pages - We have been using Notebooking Pages for two years now. It has changed my planning drastically!

I have a Lifetime Treasury Membership. I can't speak highly enough of this resource!

Now, I just log into Notebooking Pages and search the subject I am looking for and print the necessary pages. Easy.

Here's a short video showing you the latest history sentence for CC (Cycle 2, Week 8), and how Grant notebooked his way through that sentence.

These pages come from the World Explorers set (you can download a sample of the set if you'd like to see it up close!).

(In case you were wondering about the nifty little memory work book you see in the video, you can download and print this from And Here We Go!.

Notebooking Through All Areas of the Grammar 

My son enjoys notebooking through history the most.

I always provide science pages, too. In the collage below you can see Five Kinds of Stars, from CC Connected, and also a Sun notebooking page from Notebooking Pages.


Grant also loves to include his map tracings (have you read my post about Geography and CC?) and other goodies in the memory work binder.

The sky is the limit when you are notebooking!

Notebooking allows for a lot of structure, yet much creativity with the weekly memory work.  

Less is More

Once I figured out that memory work really is enough, homeschool became much more simple.

We review the memory work each morning, and then Grant gets to work in his notebook.

Add a Saxon math lesson, some good read alouds, lots of LEGO learning, and we're set.

I know I'm saying it a lot, but we are SO THANKFUL for Classical Conversations!

How do you reinforce the weekly memory work at home?

Notebooking Pages Free Resources