ZACT Review: The Cell Phone Solution Parents Should Know About


ZACT Review

 The topic of cell phones and pre-teens/teens can be touchy. 

After much research we decided to purchase a cell phone for our almost 13 year old. 

I'm thrilled today to be able to share with you the service we found, and why we love it so much. It has eliminated EVERY worry we ever had about allowing this technology into our daughter's life.

We now feel empowered - not overwhelmed - when it comes to our pre-teen and her cell phone. Our bill is less than $12 each month and she loves her phone. As parents, we have peace of mind.

That's a BIG DEAL. 

 *I have been compensated for this review. Our family has been using ZACT long before I entered into a working relationship with them. Being compensated to tell my readers about something I love is just a bonus!

About ZACT

After a long, frustrating day of cell phone shopping for my daughter, my husband came home and read an article in USA Today about ZACT. 

ZACT solved our cell phone problem!

What is ZACT?

ZACT is a mobile service reimagined.  

You purchase the smart phone directly through ZACT and then set up your plan.

  •  Pick the plan that works best for you (You can customize exactly how many minutes, text, and data you want).
  • Adjust that plan any time you want - from your ZACT device, your computer, or from an app on your Android or iOS phone.
  • Receive reliable coverage through the Sprint Network.


Parental Controls with ZACT

We ultimately chose ZACT because of its excellent parental controls (price was a deciding factor, too - more on that later).

  • Control exactly what apps your child can and cannot use, when they can use them, and what time the phone turns on and off. (My daughter's phone turns off at 9 p.m. and on at 7 a.m. During the in-between hours she only has the ability to call or text her dad or I. I LOVE this!)
  • Give your child as much or as little as they need. (Our daughter has a bare bones plan - 60 minutes and 500 texts for $11.)
  • NO WORRYING about what your child is up to on their phone - you control all access!
  • How many parents do you know who use their child's phone as "leverage"?  With ZACT, you never have to take your child's phone away - simply control what they can access from your own phone or computer!

This screenshot is exactly what I see on my phone as I control Anna's ZACT account. I can customize curfews and restrictions, and also see exactly how many texts and minutes she has used (notice she's not a heavy cell phone user - remember, her cell phone is a TOOL, not a TOY.) 


ZACT Pricing

The finances of a phone were very important to us. 

  • Had we decided to add an additional line to our existing cell account, we would be paying $225 extra per year.  With ZACT there are also NO CONTRACTS.
  • With ZACT, you never pay any overage. You pick the plan that is best for you. If your child is in danger of going over, you receive an alert. You can then add more to the plan or decide to leave it as is. If your service plan is too big, you receive a CREDIT on your next bill.
  • ZACT service can be shared between multiple children or adults and children. You could have two children sharing a ZACT account, or you could share a ZACT account with your child. 


Real Life Scenarios with ZACT

I can tell you all of the great things about ZACT, but really our personal stories tell the story best. I can think of two particular instances where I have been very thankful my daughter has a ZACT phone.

  1. This summer Anna traveled to NY by herself to visit her aunt. We purchased the ZACT phone because we wanted to be able to keep in touch with her. Once she was on her trip we could tell 100 texts weren't going to be enough. She was texting me a lot just from the airport! We were easily able to up her texts and didn't have to pay per text if she went over her allotment. I had peace of mind knowing she had a reliable phone and was able to keep up with the details of her trip.
  2. Anna babysits a lot. When she is gone for a late night I extend the hours of her phone until whatever time we think she will be home (normally her phone turns off at 9 p.m.). With a simple slider I can extend the hours on her phone and she will be able to use it while she is away from us.
  3. My daughter LOVES music. Since her ZACT phone is a smart phone, she also uses it for her music, as a camera, and for a few fun games she likes to play. Since her phone is WiFi enabled she can hop on WiFi when she is in range, but she has NO DATA on her plan. 


We love that a ZACT phone helps our daughter see that smart phones are a TOOL, NOT ENTERTAINMENT. 

 As of last week, ZACT phones are also available at many Best Buy stores.

If you're thinking of a Christmas gift for your teenager, this may be just the thing {wink}.


ZACT has eliminated the worries I had about allowing my daughter to have a cell phone.

This company has successfully won over two very strict parents who said they would NEVER allow their child to have a cell phone. 

I appreciate a company that considers best interests of my child. 

Give ZACT a try. We currently have three friends locally who have bought their children ZACT phones and are very pleased.  


I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on pre-teens/teens and cell phones?